Steel Sahlute to Survival Preparation!






When heading to the outdoors, or in simple support of the Boy Scout Motto to “always be prepared”, allow me to submit my thoughts on why you need a vintage scout/utility/multi tool style knife with you. And as I ponder this theory of which I’m fixin’ to pitch even more, let me be as bold as to say……you should have one in each car or truck. (That’s the “Always Be Prepared Steel Sahlute Mentality right there)!
Now, down the yellow brick survival road we go.
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First and foremost…..knives are meant to cut. And the sharper the knife edge the easier the cutting will me. Reminds me of this knife quote: “A sharp knife, make for an easy life.”

When I refer to “vintage” I’m referring to the good ol days of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. During that time, knife makers in the USA were producing epic quality at affordable prices.  Most of us who cut ourselves for the first time did so during that era and quite possibly with a scout knife as I did, and still have the scar to prove it. Just sayin'.

Here’s my 4 reasons WHY:

#1 – Attach rope; throw over a tree limb.
Hmmmmmmm?????? Huh?
Yes, I said ropes. After you read this, you’ll be heading out to purchase at least ONE vintage scout/utility camp knife.  
See the round loop on the end? It’s known as the “bail.” Many of these were removed by us when we were younger because we didn’t like the way it made the knife feel in our pockets.

(Side Note – don’t purchase one without a bail).
The beauty of this bail is to throw your rope over a tree limb. Yessirree Jim Bob. If you need to suspend or lift, simply tie your rope through the bail and toss ‘er over the limb. The weight of the knife will draw the end of the rope back to you. Doesn’t matter what you want to suspend, the camp/scout/utility knife will help you score a field goal!!




Most knives manufactured to day don’t come with a bail. However CASE knives make a scout/utility/camp knife made right here in the USA!
(see below for Case Scout Knife).

#2 – EASY to re-Sharpen:


Unlike many of today’s ultra-razor sharp knife blades composed of numerous configurations and combinations of magical steel, the tried and true vintage knives with carbon steel (easy to identify at this stage because of the natural patina or darkening that is present) are the easiest to re-sharpen. made with In most cases these knives were made with carbon steel. 

Carbon steel blades are easy to sharpen, even with a stone if need be, and retain an edge longer, AND……………….cutting is main purpose of any knife!! In addition the carbon steels of old will usually look dis-colored. Fear not, that’s patina and you should leave it on, if it’s there. (I actually prefer some patina).






#3 – Cost effective and durable
It’s always, always, allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllways all about the money.
 Looking on ebay you can usually score a camp/scout/utility/ 4 tool knife for less than $20.00, including shipping. More often than not, you can find them for around $10.00. Just sayin’.
Couple buying tips when seeking these camping knives out on eBay:
A – Look for made in the USA brands (not the ones made in China): Camillus, Imperial, Colonial, Case, Kabar, Kutmaster Girls Scouts Knife. (For well over $20.00 one can purchase Case and Remington brands).
B – Should have a main blade, can opener, screwdriver/bottle opener and awl or add’l blade.  And, most importantly – the main blade should be as full as possible.   In other words, there shouldn’t be a lot of evidence of sharpening.
C – Make sure the bail is attached.
D – Dark ugly blades aren’t a bad thing (It’s patina and can protect the knife from rust).
E – Don’t hesitate to ask questions when considering a knife.





#4 – BAIL…….For more than throwing a rope!
In addition to utilizing the knife & bail as a projectile, other valuable options of attachment exist as you can see in the pic below:




 I’ve attached a mini Solitaire Mini Mag-Lite and a ferro rod for sparks wrapped in a paracord. AKA, knife gadget/attachment – see link:

As a matter of fact I know a guy named Tony….ya know. Tony. He can help you out. Trust me. Yeah, his name’s Tony! 
Ok, I don’t know that you could hear my Italian accent in that last sentence, but check out this guy’s store, it’s were I purchase my paracord gear/survival stuff:

Attach an extra split ring or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or however many and you’re a survival-gear-carrying –prepper-magna-coom-lowdy! You’ll also be walking with a slight tilt, depending upon which side of your body you have this all-equipped vintage knife resting on. 😉

 Listen, whether you’re a hunter, a hiker, a prepper, or a human driving to and from work you should have at least one of these vintage utility knives.
Survival Steel Sahlute!