Welcome to PocketKnifeReview.com.  My name is Scott Rauber.  I’m married, have three children, and 7 grandchildren.

Recently I’ve been slain by the steel sickness.  Steel sickness, as in knives with steel blades…..you know the disease.
It was a practice to carry some sort of cutting device for years, but now I carry….. well, you can see how many I now carry in this blog post:
Daily Carry

I’ve started buying and reselling knives on eBay for the past few months, and it’s quite an experience to handle knives that hold endless stories of outdoor excursions and daily activites.

I remember knives from my childhood. I had a boy scout style knife somewhere along the way.  I also recall my Dad carrying fixed blade knives on his belt.  Hunting, fishing, camping, and generally experiencing the outdoors in any fashion was a part of my father’s being,

I’m an outdoorsman as well.  I love being outside, although it’s pretty limited in the Florida summers.  Traveling to the north will fix that!

My main business is custom printed promotional items.

My motto:  “A man without a knife, is a man without a life.”


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