JOSH HOLLEY IN VISALIA CALIF is the winner of the Adirondack Barlow by Utica Cutlery!  Heading out today my steel brother!

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I just completed the review on, well, it’s too much to type so I’ll just paste the link to the review:

What just slid down the steel slide for review? Camillus Folding G10.  Knice.  Light. Sharp. One hand opener.  Yowzah!  Stay tuned.

In my ebay listing this week I am offering a
1). CASE XX 1965 – 1969 2 blade half whittler in red bone #6208,
2). JA Henckels g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s mother of pearl lobster style knife,
3). Hammer Brand mini easy open sheel handle in a purdy cool color,
4). a full pitted blade, but not locking “just right” Schrade USA 7OT, with sheath
5). Hoffritz NY made in Germany lobster knife
6). And some more goodies.:

Steel Sahlute and mucho congratulations Josh!
Scott Rauber

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