Over the past year I've had several hundred knives past through my steel stained hands and I gotta admit there's nothing quite as rewarding as revitalizing a knife with some sheen!

All that is necessary for this cleaning / polishing is a CUTCO cloth, Amway Metal Cleaner, water, and some elbow grease.  The CUTCO Polishing Cloth and Amway Metal Cleaner were purchased on eBay as well as the knife was 🙂

Here's the Schrade Old Timer Gunstock 194OT I started with:

You can see the bolsters were dull and the blade had some staining.

Here's how she looks now:

Knife Cleaning Tips:
1). Place a small amount of Amway Metal Cleaner (or whatever metal cleaner/polish you select) on both sides of the blade.
2). Let set for a couple minutes.
3). Wipe most of the metal cleaner off with finger.
4). Moisten blade with a little tap water.
5). Rub blade back and forth on CUTCO Polishing Cloth.
6). Repeat on other side of blade.
7). Rub bolsters, feverishly, back and forth on CUTCO cloth (folloing instructions provided in package).
8). Repeat above steps until sheen desired is achieved!

P.S. – Use the polishing cloth to rub the springs and liners as well……. 😉

Steel Sahlute to the SHEEN!!