This will be an updating review.  I’ll add to it frequently… stay tuned.

I’m impressed…..I’ll start there. WOW….is my next reply.

Fact: I contacted (I like that better than the new school “reached out”) to BEAR Cutlery in Alabama in Oct, 2019 via email seeking to

review a knife from their line up.

The folks @ Bear Cutlery selected this BEAR OPS.  I received it Nov. 15, 2019.

Fact: I’ve carried this almost daily since then and have been and still am happy, very happy actually, with this tactical style pocket clip EDC knife.

Around Christmas I prepared a pan of vegetables for cooking. I cut green peppers, carrots, potatoes, orange peppers all with this knife!

I also sliced a cucumber for peanut butter….oh yes! Try it on a sandwich!!


Whittling bark off a Cypress branch for a walking stick.





Jan. 23, 2020….STAY TUNED!!!!


From past couple days:


UPDATE: 2/7/2020

Cut an orange today and wanted to be sure the sticky was gone. Out of my pocket it came and I rubbed it clean with some Isopropyl Alcohol.

I thought, let me check the edge.  I stropped it a couple times and attempted to cut paper. It was ok, but not what I like.

I stroked the BEAR OPS RECON on a super hard/smooth stone. Then stropped. YES. Perfect! Just the way I like it.

I also cut cardboard and rope.

Stay tuned….this is a running/updating review!!

Feb. 26, 2020

I cut the thread on a replacement button to be used where one was missing. I was impressed.


I’ve been carrying this pocket knife almost daily and my main drawback I just discovered. The jimping on the spine, near the tang area, can rub against your hand when entering your pocket if clipped on the lip of your pocket……IF you have pockets that are smaller. Just a note. But that’s the only downfall I’ve discovered with this USA made knife!!!


UPDATE: April 26, 2020

Well, here we are almost 5 months after this knife review began.  Washed her this morning then hit the edge with my stropping board and ceramic rod, and wooolah! Right back into sharpsville!!

I highly recommend this knife for daily use with complete confidence!!

Steel Sahlute Bear Cutlery!!!