Beginning April 25th 2013 Pocket Knives Allowed on Planes


You’ll no longer have to worry about having your pocket knife confiscated by TSA (Transportation Security Administration) when flying…..or we hope not.

The law that previously didn’t allow any sharp object on your person is being revised and as of April 25th, 2013 you’ll be able to carry a pocket knife again – as it should be.

According to an article in USA Today a prohibited pocket knife are as follows:
Blade – no longer than 2.36” or 6 centimeters in length
Blade width is no wider than a half inch
The knife has a fixed blade or locks firmly when in use
The knife has a molded grip.

The core traditional purpose of a “pocket knife” is to be able to carry out small tasks such as: cleaning finger nails, cutting a thread on a garment, opening a box or a letter, etc, not skinning a deer.  It’s really common sense regarding pocket knives and I’m glad to see TSA is going back to the way things used to be.

As always ladies and gentleman, enjoy a knife responsibly.

Steel Sahlute!