Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Ever wondered what is the best pocket knife?  The question begged to be answered after I recently contemplated the multiple uses of one of the knives I carry with me every day (at this moment I carry 6 knives on me).

Truth be told, I would feel naked if I didn't have my Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Knife on me.

I know it's not the coolest blade-snap-opening knife, and I know the SAK has been around for a while.  I understand, but let's review some uses:

Toothpick – Obvious, but did you know it's also a cigar de-plugger?  Yes it is.

Tweezers – Obvious, but did you also know it's great for handling those tiny watch replacement batteries?

Split ring – Might work as a nose ring.  Ok, not really, but it's there for attaching to your keychains.  Just puhleeeeeeeze don't forget it's on your keys when you go to the airport.

Knife – Lets just say – it's sharp….always.

File – File your nails, toenails, little pieces of wood or plastic.

File end – it's a flat head screw driver, but it also pops open the back casing of a watch that houses the battery.

Scissors – Ever owned a "knock-off" Swiss Army Knife?  Yeah, me too.  Ever cut yourself with the scissors on the knock off?  Of course not.  Ever cut yourself with the scissors on the SAK?  Be glad you haven't, because those son of a guns are

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion) this IS THE BEST POCKET KNIFE one can carry.  By the way, don't buy the "knock-offs."  If you do, you'll end up tossing it, because the scissors can't cut a squirrly thread on a shirt button.  If you're smart you'll shop around on eBay and find someone who is selling a Vic SAK for under $5.00.  Just make sure it is a Victorinox or a Wenger.

Victorinox owns Wenger and they both make the Swiss Army Knife in Switzerland!

The above comments are not a paid endorsement, not that I am opposed to getting paid.  This review is just my humble opinion!