Bob Paolantonio at Mystic Knife Show

While selling a lot of Bob’s knife collection for him on ebay, I’ve had the pleasure of becoming closer friends – at least at close as a wireless Internet connection can allow!

The Northeast Cutlery Collector’s Association (NCCA) held its 32nd annual knife show in Mystic, CT last weekend and Bob attended!  It was his first knife show in 15 years and I know he was thrilled to be attending (he told me so at least once a week for the last couple months!). 



Here’s Bobby’s statement:

The 32nd Annual NCCA extravaganza Knife show at the Mystic Conn. Hilton Hotel was my first show in 15 years and was an absolute success!! Everyone had a great time and we all made money!! Lot's of selling, trading and dealing….I can't express how great it is to be in the same room with hundreds of folks that have the same love for this wonderful hobby!! I sold some pearl and scrimshaw, over $ 200.00 each!! Everyone who bought a knife from my received a COA, hand signed by me with personal notes to the buyers…I also gave a bunch of Scott Rauber's business cards out andhopefully we can drum up some more interest and sales for him..







I requested some pics from him to post …….glad you had a blast buddy!!

Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber