All ya'll know I like all knives.  I'm like the "It's all about World Peace and equality" for knives guy—I don't want to offend any knife 🙂  It's just difficult for me KNOT to like a knife….any knife.  And I'm KNOT saying I don't like this Boker Magnum Damascus folder it just ……..well, it's not not up to schnuff!

BUT, it's tufff looking isn't it?  Makes you want to jump on a Harley and scream off into the desert.  Vahhhhhroooom!

The reason I bought this ramped-up piece of aluminum and steel was to look cool.  You know.  The PKB guy has to carry a knife that the people "ewe and ahh" when they see it. 

Well, I haven't shown it yet because the handle is coming loose….serious.  Not terribly, but it's starting to wobble and I have only played with it, I haven't actually cut anything as of yet…..

In addition, the linerlock sporadically locks into place which is a wee bit on the dangerous side.  Yeah, and you can see by looking at the knife that the linerlock isn't all the way snug as a bug in a rug under the blade.  Ewe, makes me nervous just writing about it…..

I was able to capture this candid pic of my knewly acquired BOKER as it attempted to do some gardening…..

My review…..

Apperance…….2 Steel Sahlute
Safety – nah dah
Price – less than $20 That gets a – Steel Sahlute
Knife with Damascaus Blade – Steel Sahlute

Overall I give this BOKER MAGNUM Damascus a 5 out of 10 Steel Sahlute's…….

I'm not going to put a link to this knife on Amazon so you can buy it.  I don't recommend this knife.
BTW, this knife is imported from China.  Just an FYI.

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Hoping a few steel brothers will find the info on here rewarding and consider the costs of hosting and so on as it pertains to this knife related journey….

Steel sahlute my fellow steel brothers and sisters!