A resounding Steel Sahlute to all who served our country and lost their lives doing so as we remember them this Memorial Day!

Ever wondered about those imported Browning pocket knives?  Me too.  I've found myself drooling over the wood handles and sleek designs as I scroll through the listings on eBay. 

Finally it came to me in a dream…….PURCHASE ONE YA BIG DUMMY and do a review!  Ok, well, it wasn't really a dream. At the tempting prices offered by ebay sellers they're difficult to refuse, kinda like walking into Dunkin' Donuts when you're on a diet.   

 I will make this side knote – I didn't purchase directly from the overseas source, I purchased from a vendor here in the U.S.

My first thought when I received my NEW Browning Pocket Knife?  Ewe, lah, lah.  Accented by glistening burl wood and tenacious titanium the knife beckoned me.  Oh how beautiful. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how beautiful.

I was excited to air out the blade 🙂  I positioned my thumb (this is a right-handed opening stud) on the stud and umph……it hung up a little.  Ya know, remember when you were learning to drive a stick?  Yeah, like that.  I thought well, let me give this another go.  Still not as smooth as I was hoping, but she was oh so beautiful.

Oh, by the way, I hope to add to this review over the next couple of years.  Wouldn't it be knice to know how the pocket knife performs over time as opposed to one or two uses?  Yup.  Stay tuned.

Anyhow, the cutting mission was calling me.  

Recently I had some packing and shipping to do.  I needed some flat pieces of carboard to fit into 6 x 9 envelopes.  Usually, this cutting exercise is handled magnificently by my Fiskar scissors.  This day the duty was carried out by my new Browning burl wood pocket knife #568.

I was exceedingly anxious to see how this imported knife would perform.   I held the cardboard straight up, positioned the steel blade in perfect cutting position and then………it happened.   


With medium amount of effort, straight down to the bottom she cut.  EWE – that worked quite well I thought. Hm.  Let's try this again.  So I did.  Over and over my new cutting friend and I worked.  I never re-sharpened, just continued cutting. Impressed I was. 🙂  

This Browning Pocket Knife performed handsomely!  Yes sir.  The only  curve ball is opening the knife….there's a little "catch in it's get a long." One has to actually load their thumb so it can spring forth when pushing the thumb stud.  This was confirmed when I handed it to my brother in-law and he attempted to open the knife.  Same little stutter.

I like this pocket knife.  I do. It'll make it into my rotation of EDC's.  

I'll keep ya posted with future updates but if you'd like to take ownership…..click below! 

Steel Sahlute!



6-8-11 CUU – (Continuing Use Update):  This Browning knife continues to impress.  Still cutting like glass.  Still part of my EDC rotation.