Sleek and stylish and dang nabbit sharp is how to describe this knife.

Top of the day steel brothers!

I love scoring great knives! Recently this lightweight beauty made it into my possesion….and was I hillbilly Clampett happy!
The second I opened the package I knew this knife was something special.  Not every knife floats your boat, but some just give ya that extra steel attraction… know what I'm saying.

Immediately I clipped it onto my pocket and put it to the forefront of my EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation.  🙂  While testing flexiblity and functionality (opening and closing repeated times) I cut my pinky finger when closing.  Just a nick but I was excited…..uhhhhhhh….I mean frightened.

It has ambidextrous thumb stud so it can be opened by a lefty or a righty! 

Right now the only drawback to this pocket knife is the ambidextrous thumb stud.  It hangs up when pulling the knife from my pocket lip. 

Other than that it's got what you want to cut and look stylish in steel!


8/1/11 UPDATE….just lettin' ya'll know this is the dominating knife in my EDC Lineup!  Steeeeeel so sharp!

9/14/11….Update on the Update……still carryin' this.  Still sharp. Still slicin' sides of boxes like a razor blade.