November 6, 2012 – Election Day.

Steel Sahlute thou fellow supporters of knife freedoms!

As I write this, I have no idea who is winning the presidential race, I do however know the before mention knife is in for some testing!


I scored this rascal in a “LOT” purchase and was immediately going to sell it.  Then, I said to myself…….ya know, Leroy (that’s me in this case) you haven’t reviewed any Buck Knives in a while….hmmmmmm……


Made in the USA!
One hand opening, dual thumb studs
Handles – Glass reinforced nylon
Blade: Kind of a modified drop-point/clip – 420HC, 2 ¾”long  
Pocket Clip – stainless steel
6 ¾” Overall length
Lanyard hole

Initial out of the package impression: LIGHT, and I mean L-I-G-H-T!

Stay tuned…….I'll upsate you as I cut more then paper and my cigar end!

Updated, one week later……11/13/12

The TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality – 9.0
This Buck Knife is a simple construction knife. It’s a basic folding lockback, with a plastic handle and pocket clip. Simple. Straight to the point and functional.
The name BuckLite really says it all. It’s super-duper light and almost unnoticeable when carrying.

You know the BUCK blade is sharp and stays sharp, that’s why Buck Knives have been a main stay in American pockets for decades!

Accessibility – 8.0
Buck Knives have been mostly pocketed or belt sheath carry. In recent years they’ve added pocket clip versions and this is one of those knives.

I’ll shoot straight with ya, as I always do. When pulling from the lip of my pants pocket, I fumble with this knife because of it’s stature. It’s  4” closed, but it’s small in diameter. It needs more girth. It’s whimpy.
Then once I’ve grasped it firmly, the blade has a little resistance when employing one-handed opening using the thumb stud.  I had to kind of practice opening it and still focus on deployment.

I will tell ya this – I like how low the knife rests in the pocket. The only thing you see on my pocket is a clip hanging over the edge. Very, very low profile in exterior appearance.  I will, however, add that it is a little stiff exiting the pocket. I don’t know if the clip is too tight, or the knife is small in girth, or what, but’s accessing the knife off the lip of my pocket has been the biggest snaffou thus far.

Side note:
I’m starting to learn the secret of completing a knife review – hand it to someone else. The other night I gather with a few fellow men to participate in some adult beverages, cigars and cards. I passed my knife across the table to a fellow knife toting supporter and watched him attempt to open this BuckLite Max knife.

He fumbled a little as well. I understand most fumble with a knife they’ve never touched before. I understand, but he was experiencing the same difficulty in manipulating the knife into the correct “hold” position in order to engage the thumb stud to push out the blade.

Price Value – 10
Here’s where the dollars hits the press. You can find these knives all day, every day, for less than Twenty George Washington’s!
Here's the magic with this knife….. It is a well known knife name.  It's made in the USA and it's partially tactical style, so it combines tradtion with new.  You want an affordable USA made knife as a gift?  This is it!

Collector Value – 0
The model I have is black. Unless they come in different colors I can’t really see any value in collecting these.

Final Knife Review  Score …………………………8.0 Steel Sahlutes!!!