Buck Knives Warranty Customer Service Review


Whenever I send in a pocket knife or multi tool knife for repair or replacement I like to report on how the whole experience goes.

At the beginning of the summer I stumbled upon a couple of BUCK KNIVES.  Buck USA is and has been and is a pillar in the knife world. Generations of knife lovers have experienced the pleasure of true American made goodness.

And their service is just as good as their knives I’m here to report!

I couldn’t tighten the handle screws on one and the other had a broken blade.


BOTH were replaced…….NO CHARGE-O!

Buck Knives Warranty Review


Buck Knives is top notch when it comes to warranty replacement repair!!


Here! Here!


And P.S……..they send a coupon card good for a discount on your next order! :-0


Steel Sahlute to BUCK KNIVES!!