Those cleaver blades are purty masculine looking aren’t they? So I decided to review one of the cheap ones….an inexpensive import knife thinking maybe it’s not really all that cheap, kinda like a MORAKNIVE.


I paid $13.95 shipped.  

Straight out of the box, the thumb stud showed it’s flaw. BOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNK! No use for the thumbstud as when I loaded my thumb behind it to thrust it/flip it to open it DID NOT BUDGE!!

To this day (had it for about a month) the thumb stud still hasn’t performed properly once…..actually it’s the spring inside, but you know. I’ve had to open it with 2 hands each time I used it.

Then, the other day….the framelock didn’t catch and lock open the blade properly.  Not sure why, but it didn’t and I tried a few times with no success. Of course it works now but after close review the frame barely, barely slides under the blade to keep it open.










Review over. I do not recommend the BUCKSHOT CLEAVER BLADE KNIFE. You can purchase a number of Kershaw, Gerber, Case knives for that money and will work all day long!


Thanks for reading!