Steeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel Sahlute!! 

Much respect to our men and women risking their lives to put up with this horse crap going on in the world today!

About a year ago I was invited to allow some advertising on my knife blog.  

I agreed, but only for the opportunity to review a knife!  

Well……………here we are! 

Kershaw Mini Thermite, available only from Cabela's and as I just checked moments ago, available and ON SALE for ONLY $19.99! 


Patended Hindered Design
7.4" OAL (Overall Length)
3" Corrosion Resistent Blade 
Diamond Fiberglass Finish on Blade (that's a term I made up 😉 – it's actually stonewash)

Glass-filled Nylon and Stonewash Stainless Steel Handle
Assisted Open Speedsafe
Dual Thumbstuds
4 Way Carry (Pocket Clip adjustable positions for Right or Left Side, Tip up or Down – I like that!!!)


Here's a size comparison to my favorite Kershaw knife…the Cryo.  You can see the Mini Thermite is just a smidge bigger.

Kershaw Cryo Mini Thermite comparison


Accessibility – 8.5
You see, I was dad-gum torked at this knife for the first few days because I needed
both hands to take it from my pocket lip because the clip was so TIGHT!! I actually put 
the knife aside for a few weeks….
I  finally removed the pocket clip with the famous Kershw Torx Tool 

and bent the clip with my hands just to try and ease the tension,  It worked
and I went on to many happy days of carrying this knife!!
But, the original tightness of the clip put an initial bad taste in my mouth!


TripleF – Fit, Finish & Function – 9.1
She's uptight and outta sight.  The only problem was the too-tight clip.
Other than that it's right!

Value – 10.0
For $19.99, you gotta be crazy not to have a few!!!
And don't forget it's prit near (That's how my grandma used to say "pretty near") Christmas! 


Sharpness – 10.0
So far, I have only "stropped" this knife to maintain the edge.  That's pretty amazing in my book! 


Kershaw Mini Thermite Speedsafe Assisted Open Knife

Collectibility – 8.0
Knives are becoming like baseball cards nowadays.  They're trying to manufacture the same knife in different colors or with this variation or that.
Kind of like when Upper Deck baseball cards came out back in 1989.  Then they starting making subsets, then limited subsets, then limited rookie cards, then, limited
game-used jerseys, then………………..well you know.  The common cards aren't worth the paper they're printed on anymore…..haven't been for almost 20 years!

I don't really think this knife will every be a collectible because it can be replaced, because the price is so low.


Final Steel Sahlute Score………..9.1 Steel Sahlutes!! 


Do what you want to!
Get your butt up and outside where life is soooooooooooooooooo much less hectic and fulfilling!!

Steel Sahlute my knife friends!!