I bought this CAMCO knife on eBay a while back snd set out to cleani it up. I have no power tools, just elbow grease.

I used:
Amway Metal Cleaner
Super Knife Eraser
1500 grit sandpaper
Flitz Metal Polish
CUTCO Polishing Cloth
Quick Release Oil
Elbow grease maximus!




First step: Sharpen blades (less to clean later 🙂
Next: Clean out between liners with toothpick or screwdriver end of a Swiss Army Knife.
Next: Clean and scrub with Amway Metal Cleaner and toothbrush.  You can use something releated to cleaning metal.
Next: Super Knife Eraser to remove rust and grime, some scratches.  (This stuff rocks, seriously).
Next: Clean and wash to remove Super Knife Eraser particles. 
Next:  Begin sand papering! I fold up my 1500 grit sand paper on a 3/4" by 3/4" wood dowel (found in some cigar boxes) and rub back and forth until arm hurts.  Continue until desired look is achieved!

Next: Flitz Metal Polish.  Apply lightly.  Buff out with napkin, then chamois.
Next: Rub boldters and blades back and forth on Cutco Polishing Cloth (There are several other polishing cloths available, I just happen to have that one in particular).  Rub the heck out of it.

Enjoy the restored steel!!


Quick Release Oil