Camillus Folding Knife # 18673 Review

Sit back steel lovers and tune in for another knife review!

Even though the original Camillus Cutlery Co that produced knives here in the USA is no longer in business the current Camillus Knife Co. carries the historical brand into the future!

I received this folding pocket clip, liner lock knife from Camillus on Feb. 1st.  I immediately opened the package and slipped the new knife onto my pants pocket lip, making it my EDC!  


My first thoughts were such:                               
– I liked the pocket clip position because none of the knife handle was exposed above my pocket.
– The knife felt light, not burdensome.
– Cool tanto point blade
– Blade feels ultra-sharp

VG10 Steel
G10 Handle
6.75” Overall Length
3” Carbonitride Titanium non-stick Tanto Blade
Dual thumb stud (positioned for right side, tip down carry only)
Lanyard hole
Pocket clip

Per the factory:
“The Carbonitride Titanium is one of the hardest surface treatments containing titanium. It’s harder than carbide and chrome.  We have a proprietary process that creates a molecular bond with the blade surface.  It won’t flake, blister, chip or peel.  A complex crystalline structure forms which protects the blade surface against wear, staining, and damage.  Patent pending technology. “


Before we go on, let me just say I tested this knife like I’ve never tested a knife before.   My inner skepticism regarding  Carbonitride Titanium being the surface treatment that won’t flake, blister or peel, set my thoughts to disproving that claim.  Nothing against Camillus, of course, but sometimes to see the other player’s cards………………you gotta call!  I did.

I created a knife review boot camp!  

Not only did I cut paper and cigar tips I also sliced up a few boxes by the fireplace as the video shows.

In addition, I also cut a .055 thick polyethylene license plate into bite size strips.  Then I made a steel sandwich.  Never heard of a steel sandwich?  Oh, dude, it’s good!  You take some slivers of thinly sliced delicious polyethylene, slide them in between 4 or 5 hearty slices of cardboard and neatly decorate with packaging tape.  Then, you stab the buh-geesus out of it 100 or more times!  Now that’s a steel sandwich and a brutal way to test your knife tip!  




The TripleF: Fit, Finish & Functionality –  9.9
It’s a simple tactical style, linerlock knife – no frills.  There are three spacer pins, a pivot pin and a couple thumbstuds.   It does have dual liners, and I assume those to be made of the feared Carbonitride Titanium as well.  There is some jimping near the tang and near the butt end of the handled. 

The pocket clip is positioned perfectly making the knife ride knice and low in the pocket.

The blade is tight, there’s no side-to-side or up-down movement. 

Everything “fits” together knicely.   The G10 handles are, well, darn close to indestructible. 

The functionality – This Camillus folding knife is built to take a whipping.  Kinda reminds me of that song by The Allman Brothers – Whipping Post. 

The main bum-diggity about this knife if the one-position pocket clip, as it screwed in the handle for right-side, tip-down carry ONLY.  BUMMER!

Now, with that said, you can remove the pocket clip entirely and place a 550 paracord in the lanyard hole and carry however your steel heart desires!

Accessibility: 9.0
I’d score this knife a perfect 10 for accessibility if all knife carriers were right handed and wanted the tip to be facing down.  Unfortunately that’s not the case.
Now, the knife can accommodate a lefty – it just takes a number of twists and turns to position the knife for opening, once removed from the pocket lip.
I am a huge fan of one-hand openers 😉


Re-sharpening:  10.0
I’m no knife sharpening expert, but I was able to re-establish a sharp, paper-cutting edge on it after I made it eat the steel sandwich! 

And, even after I tortured the edge of the blade by cutting boxes, and a .055 thick polyethylene license plate, the edge was still present…..I probably didn’t “need” to re-sharpen.

Value:  9.7
For a knife in the forty dollar price range I’d say it’s a fair deal.  I wish I could make this an EDC for the next 5 years and see, but I have a gut feeling that the blade would still possess plenty of steel.  😉

Collectability: 5.0
Only time will speak of the past.  Personally, I don’t see any collectable value to this knife right now, especially since there are numerous other black tactical knives available.      


Steel Sahlute Score = 8.72 Steel Sahlutes!



Huge thanks and steel respect to the folks at Camillus for sending this beast out for review!

Scott Rauber


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