Camillus USA BSA Boy Scout Utility Camp Survival Knife

Ever since I wrote the article “4 Reasons Why You Should Own A Scout/Camp/Utility Knife I’ve had the steel bug to upgrade my scout pocket knife.

When I say upgrade, I’m not indicating that my 4 blade utility knife by Camillus wasn’t capable, I just wanted something “OFFICIAL”…….ya know.

I fell in love when I saw the Boy Scouts of America shield and the Official BSA Boy Scouts of America stamping on the blade. I just had to have it!

I remember owning a scout knife similar to this when I was a child and one of the memories that are vaguely/firmly planted is me opening a can of Dinty Moore Beef Stew.  Did you flash back, too?   LOL.  Crazy huh?  Anyhow, since I’ve been flipping knives, and every time I open the Can Opener blade on a scout/utility/camp knife I flash back to Dinty Moore Memory Lane!!!!

Onward with the can opener………  Couple days ago I pulled out the leftover homemade chicken noodle soup and it needed some chicken broth! Hmmmmmmmmmm…….I thought…….I wonder if I can remember how to use the can opener blade on my scout knife?  Like an 8 year old I bolted from the kitchen to my room, grinning from ear to ear, playing the Dinty Moore memory over and over in my head.  I positioned the hook on the inside of the can lip and the “curl” on the outside and applied pressure and wah-lah……. I opened the chicken broth with my scout knife.

I did the steel two-step dance!!

I apologize to all scout personnel who can do this with their eyes closed while sky diving, but it’s been 40 years since I’ve done it. 

I forget……what was the title of this blog post?  Oh yeah, now I remember – Camillus Official Boy Scout Knife.  Getcherself one or two!