This knife must have cooties……I don’t even want to touch it.

Steel Sahlute fellow collectors of collectibles!! Now, dude, I gotta be right smack-dab, in your face, upfront wichya….I don’t wanna touch this divine piece of made in America cutlery, from Canal Street Cutlery.  Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’s beautiful.  Nothing like her in the whole world (Hat tip to fellow DLR fans). 

All kidding aside, I’m serious, I hesitate in handling this knife without a polishing cloth in the other hand.  Have you ever been that goo-goo, gah-gah over a knife?  It’s crazy.  As I’m sitting here writing, the knife is resting comfortably beside as me as if I’m a watch dog or something. 

Cut with it?  Are you kidding me?  No way, dude.  I’d then stand the chance of scratching the 14-4 CrMo steel blades.

Carry it?  Yeah……………………to bed with me at night!  It’ll have its own special pillow and little knife blanky!

Baffling are the thoughts dancing in my knife mind right now.  Should I let others see the knife?  Handle it?  Yeah, over carpeting with gloves on, and a polishing cloth nearby!

The knife-making craft that is living in the old Schrade building in Ellenville, NY in the form of Canal Street Cutlery is astonishing.  The knives being produced are exquisite! A couple other words that come to mind are meticulous, impeccable, striking, incomparable, and…..ok, so I used  They are all still precise fits for describing this folding pocket knife.

In my mind’s eye I see the final inspections taking place under a magnifying lens, by an experienced knife cutler who repeatedly twists and turns the knife, scouring every inch to assure a perfect fit and finish is achieved.  I’m no expert, but that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.  And frankly, the only problem I see with this knife is knot wanting to let it achieve it’s fullest potential by cutting something.  Yeah, maybe some other time. 

Really, who else is making trapper like these?  Well, it doesn’t matter……

Anyhow, here’s the Details:
Item# 1199569
3 ¾” Single Blade Half Moon Trapper
Completed: May 2012
Handle Material: Faux Tortoise Shell (Simulated resin)
Steel: 14-4 CrMo
Slip joint knife
Mirror Polished Blade

Collectibility – 11.0
(that’s 1.0 better than a perfect 10.0)

The TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality – 10.0
I didn’t even cut anything with it……..I could, and I know it would perform famously!
The size and weight of the knife are eloquent.  At just a little shy of 4” in length, and a narrow profile, it’s knot a burden to handle.

Accessibility – 10.0
My goal is keeping someone else from accessing this knife!

What……….I don’t know what to say……’s another PERFECT KNIFE, with extra credit!  How can I grade a knife 10.0 Steel Sahlutes when I’ve not even used it? 

Dude, dudettes, believe me, I’m baffled as Daffy Duck that I’m actually putting these thoughts and words into permanent form in my blog. 

It’s a beauty and a fine, fine knife to collect and pass down to your kids and grandkids!!

Steel Sahlute Score 10.0

I know there is a limited amount produced, 25 I believe, so if you’re a knife collector, you will knot want to let this slip away…….If I had the money, I’d buy the remaining 24!

Steel Sahlute to perfect knives and the official weekend of outdoor experiences!!
Scott Rauber