Steel Sahlute to the utmost, fellow lovers of the steel!


A couple months ago Michael Siegel of contacted me to see if my knife reviewing services were all used up? I replied……I think I can muster up enough stamina to review another Canal Street Cutlery knife. 😉

Details: (taken directly from
Exposed Cotton Weave Honey Brown Canvas Handles
High Polished solid Extra-Wide 18% Nickel Silver Bolsters
3¼” Double Flat Ground Tapered D2 Carbon Steel Steel Blade
Mirror Polished Hand finished blade
Sparkling Ultra Slim Heat-Treated Stainless Steel Liner, Spring and Lock
Outstanding Snap, Heft and Balance
Limited edition (1 of 60) Collectible with engraved serial number and coined shield

TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality) – 8.6
At first glance the eyes are treated to simple elegance of creation. Under closer inspection, there are a couple of very minor, minor blemishes in the fit and finish:
1). The “C” in Canal Street is beginning to wear off. 
2). When in the locked open position, the spring rides a smidge above the frame. You probably wouldn’t see it unless looking for it, but a small raise can be felt right behind the blade.
3). Few little pin holes in pile side tang (opposite mark side where Canal Street stamp appears).

Other than those little imperfections the blade walks and talks – no wobble, up or down, and a respectable, but not scary snap upon closing blade. 

I like the feel. It’s not too big. It’s not too small. It’s just right. Sheesh, I feel like Goldy Locks. Seriously though, I really, really like the way this knife feels. Now about the sharpening….


Accessibility – 9.1
In a world where I’m looking for the perfect EDC a one-hand opening knife is at the center of my universe. Unfortunately this knife requires both hands to open AND close. Not that I’m opposed to two-handed openings or closings, but when reviewing, perfection is – one hand.
Unlike most pocket knife carriers who would have carried this in their “pocket”, I carried it on my belt sheath because, frankly, I already have too much sh!t at the bottom of my pocket and don’t need anymore!
For me, carrying the knife on my belt sheath made access easier than digging to the bottom of my pocket, but knot as fast as a pocket clipped knife would be accessible.  

Collectibility – 10
Any time a limited number of knives is produced it becomes a collectible knife, IMHO. Now, I’m referring to those knives that have 1 of 500, 1000, or 5000 stamped on the blade. I’m referring to the total number of knives produced, with a serial number on each knife. In this case I reviewed #46 of 60. 
Overall Steel Sahlute Score

8.9 Steel Sahlutes!