Imagine if you will a carefully selected group of knife artisans and craftsman gathered over a workbench projecting every bit of love and ounce of Schrade knives steel spirit into a new creation.

Yes, past Shrade Knives employess drapped in steel-toe boots, stained aprons, and jeans all revived by their new found oppurtunity to create and give life again.  Imagine the steel-spirit-mental-forging-oneness as they consider every micro meter of pocket knife detail to bring forth what men will adore and be chest-beating proud of owning. 

Once they lifted their knodding heads from the mastermind of steel pow-wow round table (workbench) the result was the Canal Street Cutlery Stainless Steel Trinity! 
Simply amazing! On Canal Street Cutlery's Half Moon Trapper, Full Moon (or Moon Pie) Trapper, Muskrat Skinner, Serpentine Stockman and Single Blade Folding Hunter is the combination of Canal Street Cutlery's own heat-treated Stainless Steel Liner, their own heat-treated Stainless Steel Springs, and their handmade, hand finished, heat-treated, double flat ground tapered, Stainless Steel Blades.


Did you get that?
* Heat-treated Stainless Steel Liners
* Heat-treat Stainless Steel springs
* Handmade, hand finished, heat-treated, double flat ground taperes Stainless Steel Blades!

The result is a truly solid trinity of strength, substance and steel spirit unity!

Allow me to share with you my fellow steel brothers, straight from the city of Ellenville, NY, steeped in stellar steel forging history, the Canal Streey Cutlery Sunset Smooth Bone Moon Pie Trapper!!  

Heat-treated Stainless Steel Liners (above)

Heat treated Stainless Steel Springs (above)

Amazing craftsmanship. Simply Amazing.  You oughta try holding one in your hand……you'd know exactly what I'm feeling. 

Review this knife?  Heck, I feel like a kid who just shook hands with generations of Schrade knife cutlers……I want to sleep with this knife!

Canal Street Cutlery pocket & fixed blade knives are production knives.  BUT, because each knife has up to 150 touches, it's more like a custom made knife.   I was fortunate to spend an afternoon with Mike Seigel, the Sales Manager for CSCC and the blood, sweat and tears that is poured into each knife is as a knew steel spirit being created in each knife.

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The detail and concern for American craftsmanship continues:
Each CSCC knife is individually serialized……No more than 600 of each knife are made. 
Nail marks are hand cut and checked with a measuring guage.
Molded 18% knickel bolsters.
Mirror finish – nail mark side
Satin finish – back (pile) side

Really, really, really this is American-Steel-Spirit-Steel-Brother-Chest-Pounding-Hammer-Hitting suhhhhhhhhweeetness!

Steel Sahlute Score? 

I give this pocket knife a 9.8 Steel Sahlutes!!! 
I could go on and on and on about this knife, but scoring a 9.8 was easy, since I really couldn't find anything wrong, or that I didn't LIKE about this knife…….You score it and let me know….I'll post your thoughts ri'cher!

Did I mention the price?  Oh yeah, wait til you hear this.  ONLY 89.95. Serious.  You can buy them straight from the CSCC Official Online Store: 
This is a knife you'll hand down to your kids and grandkids.  Share the Steel Spirit!! 

Great big Steeel Sahlute to Canal Street Cutlery Co. !

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