Steel Sahlute fellow steel lovers!

Like me, were you totally pissed because you couldn't figure out how to open this knife you found? 
I was ………well……..darn-tootin' mad because there was no nail nick and even with a pair of pliers
I couldn't get this dad-gum knife blade to open!  After an hour or so of failed attempts – I tossed the knife into
the garbage can!

crying  Yeah, well……that was then…

Imperial USA Cracked Ice Trick KnifeNo nail nick folding trick knife Imperial (1)No nail nick folding trick knife Imperial (2)


This is now.  I'm here to help.

First I'll show you the instructions on opening a knife you can't open as seen here:

Imperial Mystery Trick Knife


For the past 4 years I had no ideea there were other trick knives besides the one produced by Imperial. Then
a couple weekends ago I stumbled upon 2 more made in Germany.  Immediately I purchased and have since resold
them, but wanted to post some pics for other knifers looking for "trick" knife information. 

One is stamped DEGEN on the scales, the other is stamped Stocker & Co on the tang:

Degen Solingen Germany Trick Knife MetalDegen all metal handle trick knifeStocker & Co Solingen Germany Trick Knife MetalSolingen Germany Rostfrei Metal Trick knife

So, if you stumble upon a knife you can't open…….please don't throw it in the trash!  If you're a lover of knife knowledge
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Stellar Steel Sahlute!