Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Nellie! That’s exactly what ol’ college football announcer, Keith Jackson would be exclaiming!

Steel Sahlute steel brothers and sisters! 

WOW, what a knife to review!  If you’re a fan of traditional trapper style classic knives, you’ll love this knife.  If you’re a fan of today’s popular tactical style, one-hand opening knives, you’ll love this knife. It’s quite an EPIC combination.

Details –
Item# 03990
Pattern# – 5154LC CV
Made: USA
One-hand opening
Trapper w/ linerlock (trapperLock)
3” Chrome Vanadium steel blade
Genuine Burnt Stag Handles
Pocket / Belt Clip
Overall Length – 7 ¼”
4 1/8” Closed
Weight: 4 ounces
Brass Liners
Nickel Silver Bolsters

The TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality – 9.9
What? It’s a CASE Knife….whaddaya think I’m going to say?  CASE knives are purposefully precision pieces of perfection.  Every nook and cranny of this American made knife conveys confidence.  This is vital….pay close attention.  I just noticed something.  The portion if the tang, when the knife is closed, can have a sharp edge exposed, but not on this Case knife as it has been slightly smooth or rounded as to not cause a cut or abrasion.   That’s the pursuit of perfection, and that’s what you get from Case Knives. 

Collectiblity – 10.0
Case has the largest knife collecting club in the world.  I believe it’s around 20,000 members.   People collect Case knives and pass them on…….and on…………and on.  Even broken Case knives sell on eBay.  They are the king of the snow mountain (remember playing that) as far as collectable knives are concerned.

Accessibility – 9.8
The clip and thumbstud make this a one-hand opening knife, and you know…….you must know by now, that I ALWAYS have a knife clipped to my strong side pocket for EDC! ALWAYS!

Kinks in the Armor – 9.6
One of the keys to reviewing a knife is constant handling (fondling).  Open. Close. Cut.  Repeat.  Don’t Cut.  Open. Close. Roll in hand.  Repeat.  The key in discovering the “kinks” is to accelerate the handling time as if I had owned it for 3, 5, or 10 years and knew the knife like the back of my hand. 

With that in mind, here are my little itsy-bitsy glitches.

1).  The clip.  Even though CASE KNIVES gets MEGA Steel Sahlutes for adding a clip to a traditional trapper knife so it can be carried on the pocket for easy access…..when out of the pocket the clip digs you in the palm of your hand when your executing long durations of cutting.  The tip of the clip could be flattened to eliminate this.

2). The clip.  As much as I love the clip, on the stag handle it creates too much pressure and pulling the knife from the pocket lip, lifts your entire pocket in the air about 6 inches.  I think the clip would enable easier access on the Case Bone Series knives.

3). The blade edge.  Upon opening the knife and rubbing my thumb across the blade edge, I said……..hmmmmmmmm, is that a little bur I feel?  Indeed, it was.  So, out of the box I had to apply some knife sharpening.  So, the good news is, it takes and holds and edge quite easily.  First knife, I’ve ever had to sharpen out of the box. 

Steel Sahlute Score – 9.85 Steel Sahlutes!

Thanks to the folks in the Case Castle in Bradford, PA  ( ) who sent this knife straight from the factory production floor for me to review!

Steel Sahlute!

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