Case XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Lockback Knife Review


I always get teary-eyed as I conclude a knife review as I know I won’t be carrying that knife anymore, and especially after we had become such good friends.

Before we begin…..this is the full size Case Copperlock, not the mini…..just so you all know!
Case Copperlock Winterbottom Gingler Ale Knife (2)


#58596 (61549L SS)
3 ¼” Stainless Steel Blade
Locking Clip Blade
Winterbottom Jigged Ginger Ale Bone Handle
Case Script Bomb Shield
4 1/4 in / 10.80cm closed
2.8 oz.

List of items this knife has cut over the past couple months:
numerous Zip Ties
Carbaord (I know you’re not supposed to do this)
Starbucks Coffee Bag
Packing foam
Plastic Shampoo/Soap container

CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Knife Review 001CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Knife Review 001 CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Knife Review 002 CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Knife Review 003
Case Winterbottom Copperlock Gingerale Knife (1) Case Winterbottom Copperlock Gingerale Knife (2) lot8.1.13 024






TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality: 9.8
Very rarely do you purchase a made in America CASE XX knife on any kind and uncover flaws, let alone a flaw.  I’ll tell ya, I couldn’t find one on this knife either.  I did however, after viewing with my eye loop see where the scales didn’t fit perfectly snug to the bolsters on the front end.  BUT let me tell ya, it wasn’t easy to see with the magnifying lens!!!!

The long jigged grooves known as “winterbottom”, most commonly associated with Queen Knives, are stupendous!

The fit of all visible parts is immaculate.  The lockback has good snap.  The lock is tight without a single smidge of up/down or side-to-side play.

I especially liked the long nail nick pull on the clip blade and I am partial to knives that “lock” when open!



Accessibility: 9.0
As I’ve said I’m a huge fan of one-hand opening and closing knives.  This may be preference, but it is the preference I review my knives with.

I actually carried this in my strong side (right) pocket, which marred up the bolsters, but I did it to determine the accessibility.  I also carried the knife in my snap lid belt sheath.  Both instances provided simple access, but the sheath was faster because of lack of interference with other items.

The long nail nick made for an easy firm grasp of the main blade.  My brother in-law actually made note of that.  He was a fan of the knife because his chubby fingers fit easily into the cut as opposed to the wailing moon cuts that are used in other big blades.

Collectability: 10.0
What W.R. Case Knives aren’t collectible?  How’s that?  You can collect the same knife in wood, bone, or stag and truly start a collection! Knuff said.

Value: 10.0
With higher priced ($100.00, $150.00, $200.00 and more per knife), imported knives gaining the stronghold in the knife world, it’s quite refreshing to know one can obtain top-quality knife produced here in the USA that will be as dependable as your dog, just for a longer period of time, in the $50.00 range.   We’re all familiar with the fact that CASE XX knives are passed through the generations!

Sharpening: 9.8
All Case Cutlery knives I’ve handled come with a purdy darn sharp edge right outa the box.  This pocket knife was no different.  To this point the only sharpening I’ve done is stroking it a few times on my leather strop…..that’s it!

I give the review score a 9.8 because it hasn’t had enough use to actually dull the blade…..maybe that speaks louder? Hmmmmmm…


Overall Final Steel Sahlute Score – 9.72!

Mucho gracias to for submitting this pocket knife for review!

By the way………….YES, I highly recommend this knife!!