It's funny how the mind works……ya know. 

I pondered conducting this review via video.  I logged into Google/Youtube and the next thing I'm watching the world's best guitarist Eddie Van Halen, crankin' out a stellar steel string bending guitar solo on the new 2012 Van Halen tour.  Good Lord have merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrcy!!!
Click if you want to watch: 

So sorry, about that.

From steel strings to steel blades… we go.  This is my first CASE knife, btw!!  And it's abeauty:

The F&F (fit and finish) is superb!  Every knook fits' tightly with the knext one.  The Jigged amber bone handles……….ooooooooooohhhhhh, soooooooooooo beautiful. 

The Case 62131 knife specifications (specs):
3 5/8" closed
Canoe Pattern (named after the shape)
Amber Jigged Bone Scales (Handles)
Chrome Vanadium blades (Spear and Pen)
Individual spring for each blade
Made in USA! 

Yesterday, I discovered that chrome vanadium blades do in fact stain.  After cutting the skin from my apple I set the knife down and consumed the apple.  When I picked the knife up I noticed a little gray looking puddle on the blade. Sun of a gun…..I accidentally added some patina. Well, well…..

My Thoughts
This knife exudes class and funtionality! 
The sincere pursuit to obtain perfection in a knife reverberates like a perfectly struck electric guitar chord (Wow, how in the world did I end up back at Eddie Van Halen?). 

In all sincereity there's not much words can add to this Case XX Knife

It's crystal clear as to why Case Knives are in high demand and are the most collected knives in the world.
I'll add a couple more pics, and then tally up the Steel Sahlute Score.


In Summary

Fit & Finish – 10.0
The pics are worth a thousand words.

Collectibility – 10.0
There are CASE Knife Collector's Clubs all over the world.  Case knives ALWAYS sell on ebay…..even the broken or damaged ones.  I'm a testimony to that as the previous Case Knives that've crossed my path have been ones with broken blades or handles and those sold!

Accessibility – 9.0
(I carried this knife in a leather belt sheath, because I refuse to add more gear in the bottom of my pocket.  Unsnapping the sheath button, and then requiring two hands to open one blade is where the non perfect "10" score is derived).

Value – 9.8
Sometimes I feel Case Knives are overpriced and out of reach for many knife enthusiasts, and even though this is my "first" Case Knife, I understand that demand drives price.  In every aspect, I can see the value in these knives as I do see the value in a great guitar player like……

Steel Sahlute Score………9.7

Stay in tune with the steel spirit!