Case XX 9208 SS Half Whittler Pocket Knife Review


Whittling down the steel guard rail of knife reviews I travel! Yessuh!

A little while back, in a knife trade with steel brother 313 Mike, I received this Case XX half whittler knife bursting with creamy dandelion gold handles and said “WOW” that’s a beauty!   My initial thoughts were to keep it boxed on the shelf and stored for viewing, but I convinced my other brain cell to pull it out and put it to a knife test.   I was tired after all that inter-brain communication.


So…….here I am, about a month into carrying this little knife.  It’s about time to start wrapping things up and move on to the knext knife review!

The creamy dandelion handles are actually a man-made material called “Corelon” and…..and……are not adhered by pins, but some sort of super power hero glue.
Stainless steel blades
Nickel Silver bolsters and inlay shield
3 1/8” closed length.

TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality)- 9.4
I found myself constantly opening and closing the main blade hoping for the “pop” when the knife snapped close, but it was a non-traditional Case knife snap, so I was kinda disappointed there.  And really, that was the only curve I could find wrong with the fit and finish.  As far as functionality goes, she performed well cutting cigar tips, boxes, and misc. other office style chores.  I couldn’t really see this knife being used for anything else besides that.

Accessibility – 8.0
I’m a huge fan of assisted-open, pocket clip knives and a perfect 10 score start’s there, and is degraded from that point.  So, since two hands have to be used to open this petite knife I deduct a number, then because it’s a smaller knife than I would prefer, I bump another whole number. 

Collectability – 9.0
It’s a CASE knife and the king of collectible knives be – period! I do think the non-pinned corelon handles stray away from the traditional Case knives and cause this knife to have a smidge less of collectability desire.  That’s my opinion, cuz it’s my blog.

Value – 9.0
I know the selling price on these is in the neighborhood of $50.00. It’s a CASE XX Knife and the fetch that kind of money.  If you watch for listings on ebay you might be able to score one for less, but you’ll be in a bidding war to do so.  They’re made in America and backed by a superb warranty so you gotta like that!

Re-Sharpening – NA
I have to admit, I stroked it a few times in my Smith’s Pocket Pal and it was sharp, BUT it wasn’t all that dull in the first place, soooooooooooooooooooooooo…….I’m not going to grade this stainless blade in good or bad chamber for re-sharpening score.

Overall thought – it’s purty and small.

Steel Sahlutes = 8.85