CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Lockback Knife in for review

Case Copperlock Winterbottom Gingler Ale Knife (4)


CASE XX Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale Knife Review 004

Stay steel tuned to this knife blog for the next few months as I put this CASE Copperlock Winterbottom Ginger Ale lockback knife through a battery of knife tests to provide a final Steel Sahlute Review Score!

Just in case you don’t know, as I would have knever known this 2 years ago, this is how the description of this knife is translated:

Copperlock – The word “lock” in this description refers to it being a “locking” or lockback knife.  The “copper” portion refers to the bolster that looks kind of like the head of a copperhead snake.  Thus Case uses their term: copperlock. The knife is a lockback by the way.

Winterbottom – the ling line jigging pattern on the bone handles.  This particular patern is frequently seen on older Queen Knives.

Ginger Ale – The bone handles are dyed in the color that case refers to a Ginger Ale.

So, just in case you didn’t know……


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Stay steel tuned!

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