CASE XX Mako Lockback Tan Knife Review #18364
** * updated again 3/30/13* * * see bottom

Everything W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. does exude class – it just does.  Everything from the packaging, to the catalogs, to the marketing – everything is magnificent!  It’s like relaxing on the boat dock watching the sun glisten off the lake, while the cool freshness and smell of autumn encompass you in your jeans and flannel shirt, and you cut a slice of apple with your Case knife.   It’s magnificent!

Don’t everybody take off for the lake now……sit tight…….there’s a knife review to discuss. 😉

In my discussion with Case Knives I selected this newly released Case XX Mako Lockback Tan Zytel #18364 because, well, I like lockbacks.

18364 (LT158L SS)
Tan Lightweight Zytel handles
2.5 ounces (light, but sturdy)
4 ¼” closed
Stainless Steel Clip Blade As Ground (means grind marks still appear, not brought to a mirror finish)
Made in the USA
Comes with nylon Velcro belt sheath

The TripleF: Fit, Finish & Functionality – 9.0




I am becoming more aggressive in my efforts to bring a knife to it’s knees.  Again I ran a number of tests, in which I made this Case Mako eat a steel sandwich (consisting of layers of cardboard and .055 mil. Thick plastic license plate stacked into layers), and I carved a hat full of wood shavings and feathers (for a bushcraft online class I’m attempting to complete).  The latter was brutal on the hands AND the knife, especially since I was tirelessly whittling grain-like-cement, Live Oak wood!  My fingers hurt as I type this……..  And, oh, by the way……the first cutting exercise after I cut the shavings, was the delicate job of cutting the head off a cigar – and the blade performed like it was fresh out of the box!

There’s not much to “fit & finish” with this Case lockback knife, however after the battery of tests I executed there ended up being a smidge of side-to-side play in the blade.  Not enough to be concerned about, but it was present.

The lockback is tight.  I like lockbacks of any sort because of the safety feature, knowing the knife blade won’t close on your finger is comforting!

Accessibility – 9.1
I have to give WR Case & Sons Cutlery a Steel Sahlute Sliver for including a nylon case with this knife (by the way, that’s included when you purchase the knife).   For me, that was big, because I only carry knives two ways – either clipped on my pocket lip, or in a sheath on my belt.  With that being said, the “accessibility” still requires opening the Velcro closure, then opening the lockback blade with 2 hands.

You say…”so what’s the big deal with that?”… biggee really, except that the perfect “10” in Steel Sahlutes is a one handed, assisted opening knife like the Kershaw Leek.  Just making my point.

Collectibility -8.0
Anything with the CASE XX logo is collectable.  Heck, even coffee mugs and bumper stickers with the CASE XX logo are collectable.
I didn’t score the knife a perfect 10 in this category because it is essentially a plastic handled knife with a stainless blade.  If it were made in China, it would get a “0” for collectability, BUT it’s not!  


Re-sharpening – 9.9
I gotta tell ya upfront……I haven’t re-sharpened this knife YET! 
Even after making it eat the steel sandwich and…….and………cutting up a hat full of wood shavings and feathers, I haven’t touched the knife’s edge.
I beat the h3ll outta this blade and tore my hands up doing so. 
Unbelievable edge straight outta the box!
Why deduct one-tenth then?  Because, I didn’t get to see how it takes an edge……..

Value – 10.00
Do you know this knife is in the $25.00 to $30.00 range?  Yeah…..MEGA, MEGA value!  And, Hey…..Jack……it’s made right here in the USA!


Final Steel Sahlute Score……..9.2 Steel Sahlutes!!



A big shout out to WR Case & Sons Cutlery for submitting this knife for review……as I stated in the beginning – it’s all class with CASE knives!

 * * * * UPDATE* * * * 3/30/13
I just spent the afternoon creating more shavings and feathers and STILL…..the edge on this knife has not been re-sharpened!! Amazing! 

I highly, highly recommend this knife!

Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber