Case XX Sodbuster Jr  Review

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Knife Review Steel Sahlute!

Good golly it’s been a long time since I’ve posted up some steel statutes on a knife, huh?  Yeah, busy with the grandkids and my new pursuit of picking. Yeah, just like American Pickers……only much smaller.

So, the Case XX  Sodbuster Jr.  is in question.  I received this folding pocket knife back in July of this year (2014) and immediately loaded it into my belt sheath – I only carry my VIC SAK Classic in my pocket.

I’ll say this right upfront……..if you carry and USA a knife and plan on it taking a beating and keep on cutting, you won’t be disappointed ever with this knife from WR Case & Sons Seriously, this knife is like the smallest kid on the football team who is in on every play, every tackle….and gets up with a smile on his face…….yeah, this knife is that kid.

And…………………….it’s made in the USA! And…………………………’s under $25.00.  WHAT?  Yeah! Put this knife in your son’s, grandson’s, father’s or grandfather’s (he probably already has one) stocking for Christmas.  They’ll be honored you thought so much of them!

I really can’t say enough about this knife as an EDC for any male or female!

Now, onto the rest of the ……………………………………!

Knife Details:
Item #: 80032 (3137 SS)
Skinner Blade
Impact Resistant Synthetic handles (sounds like Delrin of old to me ;-))
Made from Case Tru-Sharp Surgical Steel
3 5/8” Closed
Blade length (to top of tang): 2 ½”
Weight: 2.1 ounces
Slip Joint (no locking mechanism)


The TripleF (Fit, Finish & Functionality): 8.4
Very simple knife so there’s not much to “fit & finish” as far as lines and intricate designs are concerned, BUT when the blade closed it was a smidge off-center .  So I deduct for that. And, at the time of this writing (Nov. 2014) I noticed there is a little side to side play in the blade.  In other words, it’s not as tight as it was when it first arrive, the snap when the blade closes is still loud and proud, but there is a smidge of wobble now.  Gotta deduct 1.0 for that.

The functionality was rock solid – sharp out of the box.  I think I swiped the blade a few times on my old leather belt to hone it before I called ‘er out for the first cutting job.

I did do something I’ve never attempted with a knife before…….I cut a book.  Well, not the book, but I carved out a “grave” in a vintage catalog so I could put to rest another expensive knife I was shipping.  I didn’t want the knife to experience any damage in shipping and I figured creating a little bunker/grave for it would prevent damage.  (see pics).

Now the swooped up tip on this folder was absolutely perfect for making that cut.  It provided the opportunity to place a lot of down force on the cutting portion of the blade as opposed to placing force directly on the tip.  I certainly would have damaged or broken the tip of most other knives with the amount of down force I was placing on the “belly” of the blade.  I loved that belly!

Accessibility:  9.0
It’s a 2-hand opening knife – it’s not a thumb stud or assisted opened knife.  For months I carried this on my belt sheath. Unsnap the sheath, grab the blade, open.  Simple.  But not fast.

Collectability: 6.0
Even though Case knives are the most collected knives in the universe (I know Blake Shelton is a user) these folding pocket knives don’t really fall into the collector’s arena… least not IMHO.   Listen, if you want to collect your other stag, jigged bone, limited edition, limited run Case XX knives, do so, and use this knife.  It comes in a wide array of colors, but the collectability just isn’t there….IMHO.

Sharpening: 6.0
Came pretty sharp out of the box.  I was happy with the edge, but as time went on it needed a touch up.  So to complete this knife review I decided the last thing I ould do would be to bless it with a new edge.  I usually am able to quickly put a new edge on with the Lansky Sharpening System (I use it freehand because they sent me a dud to review) but wasn’t able to on  this knife.  I could get the knife sharp…………..but not paper or hair cutting sharp.  So, not really a fan of my sharpening abilities……or the steel used in making this blade.

Value:  10.00
This is an E-A-S-Y Steel Sahlute Score of 10.0!!! American made knife for under $25.00 – MONEY!

Get one today…..they have it in the new chestnut bone!!




Mucho thanks to the folks at WR CASE Knives for providing this knife!  Much respect to the company and employees producing this American made product!

Steel Sahlute my fellow knife friends!