A couple months ago I needed to change the handles on a 91mm Vitorinox Swiss Army Fisherman Knife.

I knew I had some replacement scales in my drawer (that I purchased off ebay a year ago) and I could 

easily replace the scales.  

So, I thought I'd show you all just how simple it is, if you don't already know.

All you need is a small pocket screwdriver (I'm sure you have one in your tackle box, or
tool box).

Just slife the blade end between the handle and the liner and slide til you feel a little tension. That's 
one of the tabs that holds the hanlde on by snapping in place.  Lift slightly and the handle will peel back.

See pics below!

Replace handles on Swiss Army Knife


How To Replace handles Swiss Army Victorinox knife

Swiss Army Knife handle replacement


Replace scales on knife

New Handles Swiss Ar,my knife

New Scales Victorinox Swiss Army


I added a camo paracord with ferro rod inserted and some lucky outdoorsman scored it from me on ebay!!


Steel Sahlute!




P.S. – You can also buy replacement toothpicks, tweezers and scissor springs for Swiss Army knives: