Sometimes the steel just speaks to ya, ya know.  Or maybe it's the scales (handle).  In this case it was the handles.  There was just something about the psychodelic camo clustering that moved me to extending it's cutting life through my hands!!

According to Blades Guide to Knives & Their Values was based out of Muncie, Indiana. from 1915 – 1931 (1932 according to Goins).  

It's age (80) carries experiences forward of yester year.  That's assuming it was the last knife off the production line in 1931 or 32.  It could be up to 97 years of duty.  It's quite the steel spiritual sahlute carrying and utilizing this 2 blade folding pocket knife on a daily basis.

One of my favorite features of this knife is the easy open slot on the back side next to the pen blade (see pic below).


When I received this knife it was in some kinda rough shape.  I livened up the blades with some sandpaper, elbow grease and Flitz Metal Polish.

If your travels bump you into an 80 plus year old knife, take hold of it's calling and know it's happiest when it's befriended.

If this knife could talk…..

Vintage Steel Sahlute!

Quick Release Oil brings back the SNAP!