Greetings fellow steel brothers!

This might prove to be an interseting steel sharpening demonstration as I ventured out, for the first time, and attempted to restore a knife tip that obviously had a few too many run-ins with a cement block or the side of a mountain.  Whoever owned this knife before I, took the "Break Through Point" stamped on the tang, literally. 

Allow me to start off by showing the damaged blade.  Now keep in mind, I never thought I could possibly restore the point on this folder:

See the tip?  Yeah.  Bad news boulder.

I borrowed my brother in-laws 2-sided sharpening stone yesterday afternoon and decided to give repairing this mammoth a try.  By the way, this knife should be called Brutus the Beefcake……she's gotshoulders.  Boulder sholders you know.  UMPH!

Anyhow.  Here's the results of sharpening a damaged pocket knife:

Not bad for my first knife sharpening experience.  Not good, but not too bad either!

And here Brutus is, resting, until his next cutting command:

Steel Sahlute!