Colonial Blackie Collins Auto Knife #117 (#106)

Steel Sahlute fellow steel brothers and sisters!

Colonial Blackie Collins Auto Knife (2)

Just in from the hallowed halls of Rhode Island knife manufacturer, Colonial Knife Corporation  is this NEW automatic knife.




Made in the USA!
The website shows I have the Blackie Collins #106 model, my box reads #117. ???
I think I read this is 420 stainless steel with a black coating, but don’t hold me to it (It does not state anything on the box or on the Colonial website).
4 ¼” closed length
7” OAL (overall length)



Colonial Blackie Collins Auto Knife (3)




The TripleF: Fit, Finish & Functionality – 5

The knife seems to be solidly put together, however the functionality is deeply lacking.

1).  The pocket clip – Because of the deep reidges in the handle, it makes sliding the clip over the pants pocket lip next to impossible……and I really mean NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE.  Using both hands, and almost pushing my pants to me knees (ok, I’m exaggerating on that part) I finally got the knife resting on my pocket lip.
Yeah, I shouldn’t have done that……I cursed myself as I attempted to pull the knife from my pocket…..the grip was like a python who hadn’t eaten in 6 months with his first prey.  I was not impressed.

So, I thought to release the the grip of the clip.  Yeah.  You know what happened.  I released it just a smidge too much and wah-lah….knife no grippy anything anymore.  I’m not a knife mechanic and leaving me to make adjustments isn’t good…..never will be.

2). The push-button automatic blade opener. 
Let me tell you this, you better have a firm grasp on this when you depress the button because he kicks like a mule who’s having his “you know whats” squeezed in a vice.  Yeah.  In all honesty, I dropped the knife twice within 24 hours when trying to close the knife, because the spring tension was soooooooo tight.

3). The slide lock.  Sheeesh, the thing sticks out like a zit on a teenager.  Dang dude.

4). The blade does have some side-to-side movement.

The blade looks cool.  It’s a tanto point with partial serrated edge.

I did execute a paper-cut test.  Not bad.  Frankly, with a 3 part blade (serrated, regular, and tanto) my decision powers were stuttering when it came to decide exactly what part of the blade to start cutting with??????


Accessibility – 0

Yeah. No.  Couldn’t figure out a way to carry this knife unless I was to keep it in my glove compartment – there’s an idea!  I certainly couldn’t have it clipped on my pocket, and at 4” closed, with a slide-lock knobbie that extened out a quarter of an inch I couldn’t see dropping this down to the bottom of my pants pocket…

Accessing a knife is a big deal for me, and if it’s a PITA to access and open, it’ll see a poor score on the Steel Sahlute Accessibility meter!

Collectibilty – 0

Yeah. No.

Value – 0
Yeah. No.

Colonial Blackie Collins Auto Knife (4) 

In all seriousness, I am a little nervous about carrying this knife…..and I MOST CERTAINLY WILL NOT show it to any friends for fear of them reaching to grab the knife before it hits the concrete, as it has just kicked out of their hands.  As Uncle Si would say……nnnnnnnnnnnaaaaooo!


Steel Sahlute Score……………  1.25 Steel Sahlutes! 


Well, the review is complete and my recommendations are……..send ‘er back to the drawing board! Toss this knife profile and configuration out and start anew!


Thanks to the folks at Colonial for sending this knife to be reviewed!!


Steel Sahlute!

EDC3.25.13 014