Colonial Camper’s Combination Fork Spoon Hobo Knife

It’s fascinating to me, to own a piece of American made cutlery created for use while eating around the campfire.  Memories of my childhood and family camping outings bring joy to my thirsty outdoor spirit. If only I could live the camping lifestyle again.  

Ok, on to the camping multi tool. 



Included tools; fork, spoon, can opener (you haven’t lived if you haven’t opened a can of chili to warm and eat by the fire), knife, and bail.

Not sure what a bail can be used for?  Tie a rope to it, throw it over a branch to secure whatever needs to be secured.  In addition, you can tie a magnesium ferro rod paracord to it to create sparks if need be.  Or, you can attach a number of gadgets:

I have a pic of this knife in the Colonial late 90’s catalog I own.  The fork and spoon are stainless steel. 

See pic below:

3 ½” Overall length
This camping tool is part of the Master line up.  The other knives featured in this section of the catalog state: durable stag handles.  Now, you know and I know, these are NOT true stag.  I’m thinking they may be staglon.   

Hope you enjoyed!