Colonial Knife Co. History Book Coming Soon!

Steel Sahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhlute to this news!

Let’s start with a little background as to how I know this little secret.

I frequent eBay in an effort to buy LOTS of knives and in turn resell individually on eBay.  Frequently I will find knives stamped with COLONIAL PROV. USA on the tang.  Within the last two weeks, I’d say, I scored a red camp/utility/scout style knife.  You know the one:

For some reason I decided to contact Colonial Knife, now known as CCI (Colonial Cutlery Inc) via email as to the details of this knife.  I received a reply from one of the grandsons of the founding three brothers.  WOW…..I was stoked that I was talking to a direct descendant.  Anyhow, I was informed that this particular utility tool/knife was called the “Mountain Guide”, and was still covered under the warranty.  I was impressed. 

Over the lnext few days Steve and I corresponded via email.  I found that one of the family members married one of the family members at Imperial Knife Co. and the holidays were a time of gathering for both knife companies and families!

By the way, as a side note, I am scheduled to review a couple of the current Colonial knife offerings. Stay tuned.

Ok, back to accumulating knives on eBay.  I start scrolling through the COLONIAL portion of Folding Knives listed on eBay.  I score this Mac Daddy of a barlow with stag handles……oooooh –lah-lah! There is a little mystery to this purchase as I’ve never heard of Robert A. Paolantonio before, and he is the cutler designated on the Letter of Authenticity for this Colonial Old Cutler R.A.P. knife. Hmmmmmmm, I think, I may have landed a true collector’s item here.

I’m excited about this knife.  I’m excited about what’s undiscovered about Colonial.  A friend encourages me to dig further and connect the Colonial dots timeline, but come to find out, that won’t be my job, it will be Robert A. Paoloantonio’s mission. 

The stag handle barlow knife I won, motivated me to search for this particular Paolantonio fella on the web.  I stumbled on a knife discussion board post stating he was a grandson of Frederick and was in the process of writing a book that comprised the history of Colonial Knife Corp.  I emailed him.

Now, I’m really feeling like family, as Robert (Bob) and I have communicated a number of times via email.  Bob has given exclusive permission to mention our email communications and his efforts to complete a book on the Colonial Knife Company.  Amazingly, Bob has treated me as a long-time friend and entrusted unedited pages of the book to me.  I’m soooooooo honored, and wowed by the bits and pieces I’ve read I can hardly wait for the whole story to be released.   There will be pics of knives, brochure pages, the old Colonial building and more info than our knife-history spirits desire!

BONUS info…..This email from Bob came in early this morning while we were waiting for the birds to begin chirping:
Just a bit more info for you….when Colonial closed in 98', I opened my own little knife factory
with a couple of partners and we named this new collaboration Heritage Cutler's!!!
Our first order was 5,000 India Stag two blade Trappers, with parts purchased from Camillus Cutlery,
and tang stamped and sold to Smith and Wesson!! A nice round shield was inlaid to the front handle..
I tell the entire story in my book…You CAN share this with your readers..Anyone owning one of
these Trappers, they were all hand made by me!! It took me one year to make this amount of knives!!

Man, this is exciting.
If and when I receive more information, ok to publish, I'll do so lickety split!

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