Absolutely, magnificently made, beautiful stag handle 5 Star Series knife handmade by Robert Anthony Paolantonio a direct descendent (grandson) of one of the three founding fathers (all brothers), Frederick Paolantonio.

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

This knife exuded craftmanship and care, closely watching every tap and cut and fitting for a precise, perfect fit every time. I know the bone handle is a little off, but it's still beautiful.

Here's a closer shot of the handle:

The pictures below show:
knife removed from the box for measuring purposes and the following picture displaying the letter that accompanied each knife, and the bottom of the box.


Sent to me by the grandson (Robert A. Paolantonio), of Frederick Paolantonio (an original founding member in 1926), and author of the soon to be released book on Colonial Knife Co.,  here's a copy of a page from Colonial's last catalog introducing  the R.A.P. Cutler "Five Star Series" line:

How do ya like that?  Knice huh?  I'm going to estimate this was possibly from 1998 to be used for the 1999 selling season. 

Filled with the Colonial steel spirit!!