Ya know you're in for a thrill when the roller coaster reaches the top of the pitch!!

Likewise, there's excitement and anticipation, knowing you'll be successfully conquering challenges cut out for a knife, when you put the Zero Tolerance ZT 0121 in your hand.

Speaking of hand; the ZT fills your palm.  It's beefy.  It's barumpah-bum-bum.  It's like grasping the humpback whale and holding on.

Allright, soooooooooooooooooooooooo………

Here's a couple flaws, IMHO.

When the holster is placed on your belt it makes the knife handle rest to high on my body (see pic):

I carried this beast attached to my belt last weekend and every time I reached for it I had to lean back and twist, kind of like I was preparing for a double half twist pike before entry or something. 

Returning the knife to it's sheath, was another challenge as I had to twist and lean back, and pull the sheath away from my buddy to re-insert it.  I actually had my brother in-law assist with replacing the knife in the beginning.

So, I'd recommend finding another way of carrying this knife, unless of course you're an Olympic swimmer or gymnast.

Not really a flaw, but rather a suggestion……..BE sure to wear gloves when using this Hummer because the handles were not created to be smooth as a baby's butt.   The 3-D machined handles are ridgid, BUT that's good for grip.

As far as chopping (as in small branches) I felt a little more handle would be helpful.  In other words, I felt the handle could be longer.  It would provide more leverage.

In conclusion; this isn't the best "pocket" knife or my first choice for every day carry, however if you are heading to the great outdoors for survival practice or fun, you definitely want to pack this sumbich in your sack!!

It's knot mentioned in the instructions or warranty, but there's a certain ora of confidence that comes with this knife. 

Oh, yeah, warranty – Limited LIFETIME Warranty!
Sharpening?  FREE sharpening, just pay for shipping (always be sure to use Delivery Confirmation if shipping with the USPS).  


Final score = 9.0 Steel Sahlutes!!!

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Excellent creation by Kershaw Knives!

Steel Sahlute to the Wahoooot!
Scott Rauber