Really, really, really love the way this knife sharpens!!

The 1075 carbon steel takes a super keen edge, sharp enough to shave the hairs off your arm!!


After owning this knife for a year (it was a Christmas gift in 2017) I decided to post my thoughts here on my pocket knives blog.  


1). Takes keen edge
2). Leather sheath is superb
3). Fits hand snuggly.
4). Blade is stout

If you are into bushcraft, as I am, I highly recommend this knife. 


I've used it frequently over the past 12 months, resharpened, and used again and again. (Mostly what I did to sharpen was strop it back and forth on a piece of old belt leather…worked like magic).

For the money it'd be hard to find a better knife. Try one, you'll see!!

Steel Sahlute!