CRKT Badger Barry Gallagher #7120 OUTBURST Pocket Knife Review

I like, let me rephrase, I LOVE knives that open easily. I do.
The exhilaration of the blade exploding from its housing is almost frightening. 
You're left feeling deviously anxious to experience it again and again.  Brings back memories
of scaring a little child, they cried…..then they asked you to do it
again and again.  😉

This blade-exploding-assisted-opening experience is called OUTBURST by CRKT, and it's patented.
The knife cannot be opened until the safety button on the end of the thumb stud is
firmly depressed and the thumb stud is nudged outward.  And you can be assured, it doesn't take
much nudging either. 

See CRKT video on Fire Safe design:

High end knife maker Barry Gallagher gets credit for creating this rocket opening pocket knife.

The blade is unique in that it has a notched drop point. Very eye brow raising when you first
set your optics on it. Intriguing actually.

This linerlock pocket knife is sharp right out of the box.  I don't know how hard the steel is
and really don't give a hoot owls hoot because I just need it to cut stuff!

What's the official steel brother review?  Well, let me organize my words in this fashion –
it has thrust itself into my EDC (Every Day Carry) rotation as the first knife I reach for.

The only drawback, like a cue ball, is the grid cut scales, created for improving
grip. These scales help with grip I'm sure, however they brush against my knuckle an exterior hand
creating a hesitation from me when digging into my pocket.

Now, because I so loved the OUTBURST jet propelled opening action I wasn't going to let those
grip enhancing scales stop me, so I now carry the CRKT Badger in a camo velcro sheath on my belt. 

Well, sorry, there is one more eetsy beetsy teeny weeny little snaffou.  I hate
to inform you that this pocket knife is discontinued.  Yeah. Sorry.  At least that's what it says
on  BUT……..these knives can still be obtained from a number of resources,
one of them being Amazon.   (I do make a small pittance if you buy through the Amazon).