I've carried a few pocket knives over the past 5 or so years, but this crafty opening pocket knife is the schnizzle. 
I just can't NOT carry it.

Of the 4 or 5 pocket knives I carry, this CRKT Kommer Fulcrum has been my mainstay with a "pocket clip." 
Meaning; I use this the most because I can access it without diving into the depths of my pocket. In addition,
I love that there is no thumb stud to catch on my knuckle when I do dive into the depths of my pocket.

The real reason I carry this is because of how it opens.   I've never experienced another knife that opens so

Here's a video demonstrating this knife:

According to the manufacturers site www.crkt.com this knife was voted Imported Knife of the Year at the
2008 Blade Show in Atlanta.

In my opinion you need a knife you can access quickly to open boxes, envelopes, plastic sealed packages,
and basic every day cutting situations.  In addition, when you have to perform these mundane tasks you should be able
to access a knife lickety split.  Once you find a knife that meets those two requirements then you have
found a good every day pocket clip knife!  And, if it happens to be one of the coolest opening knives ever created,
then that just enhances your steel experience.

You can purchase this knife here: