First let's roll up on to the sidewalk and take a look, yes……

Classic case of celluloid handles gone bad!!

You can see the Schrade 176 in "LOT" picture below (Looks like it reads: Say It With Flowers on the handle, lower right corner of these two pics):

Here is the spoils after I removed the totally decomposed celluloid handles….

I polished the blades and bolsters a little…….





Knext, I send this Yankee Rose off to my knife guy………





add a little Humm-a-lah-babe-a-lah, zee-bah-lah, boob-a-lah, BOP…..






A Custom Schrade Walden 176 Elk Stag Handles Easy Open Knife

Absolutley beautiful isn't she?

Pretty knifty for a knife that was last produced in 1973. 

Saturday Steel Sahlute!
Scott Rauber