Am I serious?  I've got two brain cells and one is waving bye-bye to the other……..

I won this knife in a LOT purchase on eBay.  My original intentions were to send it to my brother as a “just because” you’re my brother gift.  He’s accumulated a number of these imported, outdoor scene knives over the years and they are displayed on shelves throughout his residence, never to be used. 

And never to be used because they probably would have a hard time cutting through air!

Frankly, that’s what I thought about this deer scene knife when I won it.  My mind was radically changed when I rubbed my thumb across the blade…..why, yes it was!!! I thought; “this sumbich is sharp!”  Let me confirm by cutting paper…..and, oh golly miss molly……yowzah.  Razor, razor sharp.  Cut through paper like my Kershawl Leek and SOG Twitch did.  Yessiree!


Is anybody really reading this?  I mean, who wants to read a review on a knife that has seen more plastic face time at the bottom of thousands of garbage cans over the past years, than sharpening duty.  Once they’re received as a gift,  they’re set to rest and collect duct, never to be oiled or used, primarily because even our tore up Old Timers and knives stamped with just “U.S.A” on the tang ARE 10 TIMES BETTER THAN THESE IMPORTS!  

Is anybody reading this?  Better question is, has the author lost all respect by applying any vocabulary towards these knives?  That’s the real question!

So, listen.  I’m carrying this knife now.  I am. I have it stored in my leather belt sheath and am carrying and using (EDCing) the knife on a daily basis.  Even though there’s a glitch when opening the knife, it locks up firmly, and is sharp, sharp, sharp.  So, I’m off to EDC Land. 

I’ll update this frequently. 

Day one carry was yesterday 5/30/12:
Cut paper like a hot knife through butter and cut the cap of my cigar effortlessly