Destined to be my grandson’s knife, I almost sold it on ebay.

I’m fortunate to have 2 young grandsons (4 and 3 years old) within driving distance of me who are fascinated with Poppy’s (that’s me) knives.  They always hound me to see my knives, and to have ME open my knives, which by the way, I always accommodate, because I don’t want to depress the steel spirit in them J

The thought came to me to write this blog post about my grandson opening a knife for the first time,  as I prepared to sell this Imperial Scout Utility (with the Official Be Preapred/Eagle emblem on the handle) on ebay.   

So, a couple weeks ago, we’re make-believe camping on my daughter & son in-laws pool deck under camo tarp strapped onto some patio chairs and the pool safety fence.

“Poppy, can I see your knife?" asked Corey
“Sure, I reply.”
“Can I open it?”

“Uhhhhh, well, uhhhhh……..I guess so, but you have to be very, very careful and DO NOT open the big blade.”


I watch my grandson with fear and confidence and excitement!  He’s excited.  I am too.  I ‘m scared, but I don’t think he was.  Oh, yeah…..he’s 4.

He focused and struggled, but stayed to the task at hand and finally the screwdriver blade opened.

We both were elated!  You did it, I exclaimed!  You did it!
He dawned a H-U-G-E  ear-to-ear steel sahlute smile!
NEXT, onto the can opener blade.
Then the awl/hole punch blade.

He opened them all, EXCEPT the big blade, carefully, with great attention to what he was doing.  Then…..then….he closed them.  And, the mystical steel spirit built within, helped him to know how to be 100% sure his little fingers weren’t in the path of the snapping closed screwdriver, can opener, awl blade each time.

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooo, soooooooooooooo impressed.  So proud.  Still am.

Well, back to preparing this Imperial Scout Camp Knife for ebay.


Thankfully, the potential for “future memories recalled” made me rethink, and this Imperial Scout Knife never made it to ebay!  The next person to open that knife will be my grandson…..when his parents authorize the transfer of this knife from me, to him!

Then as life progresses and I am no longer around to share memories with him, he’ll hopefully share his under the camo tarp, make believe camping, first knife opening experience with his son as he passes it on to him. 

Steel Sahlute Corey!