I'm forced to sell a few knives I've been holding on to…..

Camillus Framelock Metal Serrated Tactical Style Knife ….made in USA!
Chapman Hand Forged………. 80 years old made in USA
Geo Schrade Easy Open Wire Frame Knife Bridgeport CT (B'port Ct stamped on tang) made in USA
Kershaw DWO 3000 Japan Rubber Handle Knife.
Schrade Olt Timer 18OT Linerlock Mighty Might made in USA!!
Colonial Bowtie Mini Knife made in USA!
Imperial Kamp King w/ ferro rod paracord made in USA
Colonial Utility/Scout/Camp Mountain Guide Knife w/ ferro rod paracord…..made in USA!

Some of my best offerings in a while ending within the next few days!

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