Steel Sahlute lovers of the steel!

Have you ever scrolled through folding pocket knives section on eBay and wondered what those cool-looking imported knives are like?  Are they cheap because "they're cheap" or are we bypassing the BIG NAME brand mark-ups and getting a stellar steal?

On behalf of both of my faithful followers of this knife blog (jk on the "both" part), I had to dig in and discover.  I contacted eBay seller sanrenmu.knife and asked if he'd be willing to send one for review.  He did.  For your info, here is his a link to his store:


Review: Enlan 2.8 inch Blade Wood Handel Folding Knife M011

Ya know I love W-O-O-D handled knives.  Ohhhhhhh yeah.  I love one-handed openers.  And I love pocket clip knives I can access quickly.  Major props right off the get go.  :D

Straight out of the package the initial "feel" of the knife was light…..almost too light. 

I turned the knife over to view the linerlock.  Hmmmmmmm…….I thought, this doesn't seem to fit safely under the blade (see pic):

I tested by putting pressure on the spine of the blade to see if it would slip.  It didn't.  I did it a few more times.  Didn't slip. Hmmmmmm, well, ok then.  Let's cut stuff  🙂

First thing to cut?  As always,  the cap of my cigar.  Cut like a razor. BAM!
I then conducted the standard paper cutting test.  ICE COLD! 
So far we're rocking.  The  8Cr13MoV steel blade was pumpin' out the cuts emphatically.

A few days pass…….I cut some cardboard, from a box to use for packing a knife, and the blade  thumped as I smacked it on my desk. Dang it!  A chip in the blade appeared.  I wondered…….did I do this now, or earlier?  I scratched my bald head, contimplating what may have caused this little "nick."  Hmmmmmmmm……….did it just happen by hitting my desk?  No matter when, I now had a knick. &$%#(*@&

Moving right along.  I'm carrying this knife, opening Christmas presents for the grand kids, cutting those dang clamshells like nothing, knick ot knot. 

 It opens easy. It's a "tip-up" knife so when it's extracted from my pocket the thumb stud is down, placing it right next to my thumb on the draw.  That's a big PLUS in my book when it debating the ACCESS FACTOR, which I detailed in my last review of the Spyderco Byrd Cara Cara2 . You can see the position of the thumb stud for right handed carry in this pic, knowing the pocket clip is located on the opposite side at the non-opening end where the tip of the blade is:

About this time, later into the day with the brother in-laws on Christmas, I knotice the pocket clip is wiggling.  I checked to double check the wiggling sitiation and dang nabbit if it wasn't moving back and forth.  Not much, but it was loose.  Of course I can tighten it I thought, but I've only had this rascally rabbit for a week and she's coming unglued.  (That doesn't imply that the pocket clip was glued onto the knife, it's just my way of saying "things are gettin' crazy")

Ok.  I'm a week into this knife.  I've got a chip on the blade.  A loose pocket clip.  And the linerlock doesn't line up securely under the blade.  The blade is knot slipping closed on my dainty fingers but I'm cautious.  At this point I removed the knife from my rotation and set it on my desk.  I was kind of dissappointed actually.  🙁

I will say this.  The shipping was fast from China.  I received the knife in like 8 or 9 days.  I thought that was impressive.

On to the COLLECTING FACTOR.  I also consider this the resale factor.  Will the knife resale for close to what you paid for it?  More? Less? 

I believe the price is $13.85, including shipping.  That's quite reasonable, but will it fetch that if it is resold?  Personally, I don't think so. In that light I'd have to grade the knife a a little less in the STEEL SAHLUTE SCORE!

Which slices me right into the STEEL SAHLUTE SCORE.

I'll subtract -1.0 for knick in blade.
I'll subtract -.50 for linerlock knot fitting snuggly under blade.
I'll subtract – .30 for clip coming loose (I can re-tighten that).


Now you have some answers about the inexspensive imported knives.

Steel Sahlute!