Estwing Hatchet

A couple years ago I purchased a made in the USA, Estwing all metal handle and blade Hatchet.  I know this is a knife blog, but I figure if you’re into knives, you’re into the outdoors…..and if ya ain’t, ya oughtta be!

Over the past few weeks I have run up against some mean and lean, twisted grain live oak wood to split for the campfire that challenges any man’s manhood.  I, and a couple brother in-law’s have beat the ever-livin' snot outta this now mushroom head, leather stacked handles piece of steel. And the Estwing hatchet is prepared for more beating. 

I don't know how there could be a better hatchet/ hand axe made. 

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo impressed with this hand axe, I just had to blog about it in my knife blog! HoooHahh!

Which brings me to my points:

1). The Estwing Hatchet is one forged piece of steel – you’ll never have to worry about the head popping off the wood handle!

2). Made right here in the USA baby!

3). Comes with a leather belt sheath.

And as Uncle Si would say……Hey……..Jack…………………..Listen here.

Ya cain’t get a better deal than this, if there wuz, you’d be thrown in jail. Jack! (ok, Uncle Si never really said that…..)

But, Hey……..

I found these on Amazon for only $30.00…….Jump on 'em…..JACK!