Five Ways to Use Your Pocket Knife on a Family Camping Trip


Around 40 million Americans go camping every year. Which is no surprise given that spending time outdoors is proven to increase vitality and generally make you feel great. One step better than going it alone in the great outdoors is bringing your kids along with you – the challenges of living outside, even for a short time, are great for their development and your family dynamic. And no proper camper is complete without a pocket knife. Here’s why you should always bring one with you, and what to use it for.


1. Foraging and hunting
Depending on what type of family trip you’re looking for, you may not be in much for the hunting and foraging ‘thing’. But even if you’re not sourcing food out of necessity, learning how to forage and hunt is a great activity for teaching kids independence and innovativeness. You can trim sticks for snares and dead falls, as well as cutting down fruit, digging up edible roots, and stripping back unwelcome undergrowth to get to the food that you want to gather with a pocket knife.


2. Fire Making
A fire is one of the great pleasures of camping, and a good camping knife can be used to create the spark that starts the crackling blaze you can later cook over or sit around for warmth and company. A knife’s also really handy for gathering the materials for your tinder nest, like the soft, fluffy inside of bark that’s perfect for catching a spark.


3. Shelter
Especially if you’re on a family camping holiday with children, you’re likely to have your shelter organised and brought with you. But if you’re camping in a mild climate, want an extra shelter in addition to your sleeping space, or just want to practice your shelter building skills, a knife is an invaluable tool.


4. Convenience
Having a knife on your belt or in your pocket makes all the little task involved in camping that much easier. Cutting cord, adjusting clothes and kit, cleaning your nails (we don’t recommend this, but we all do it!), and all the other nondescript daily motions we go through are often made easier if you have a good pocket knife easily to hand.


5. Cooking and preparation A pocket knife is a great tool for preparing food and cooking: you can do a passable job of skinning meat and gutting fish with pretty much any good, sharp knife. And if you’re more into the packaged food route, a knife is still useful for opening those packages, stirring the pot, and cutting up fruit and cake for dessert! Be sure to choose the right knife for your job: take a look at the many knife reviews and descriptions I’ve got on the site for more info.


'Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer'