You awake?  It's eight o'clock in the morning……let's roll.  Chug that coffee down your gullet and cram those brain cells into a thinking committee and let's give away a FREE flashlight to the first person who answers this Knife Brain Teaser correctly.

First, let me plug our sponsor – by Mike Seigel and Canal Street Cutlery Co.  When Mike isn't out selling his steel wares at knife shows this is where he promotes his items.  Mike was kind enough to donate a free flashlight this month to whoever answers the question correctly.  Thanks Mike!! 

It's this flashlight in the pic below (I'm keeping and reviewing the knife)

OK, here we go…………First person to reply in the message box below AND  email me WINS the flashlight. 

I've posted a pic of the front (mark side) and the back (pile side) of this knife.  No other info is required. 
Question – What's unique about this knife? 

Steel Sahlute to Knife Brain Teasers!!
CONGRATS TO JOHN SMITH.  He posted the answer at about 9:20 am. 
It's an Imperial Trick Knife.  You can see there are no nail nicks on either side of the blade.  The blade must be pressed in and shook.  A little ball bearing inside will move and the blade will slightly lift above the handle allowing you to grabn the blade and further open the knife.