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GameofKnives Review fantasy knife

Fantasy Karambit steel sahlute fellow knifers!!

I have to admit, I’m in the infancy stage of knife knowledge.  I just, like last week, learned what a karambit blade was…..yes, even well after I received and began using the knife.  Prior, I just shrugged my shoulders and mentally claimed it a “fantasy knife.”  Which, it is indeed, but the blade shape is called karambit!!

In the beginning of the year, I received an email from the founder of asking if I’d be interested in testing and reviewing one of their knives.
They stated they are a knife shop that sells knives that are used in video games! Hmmmm…..

I checked their knife website and was like…….uhhhhh…..I don’t know, ummmm,,,,,,,yeah, maybe not. You know, it’s like, well, it’s like NOT really a knife that you could like, use, ya know. Right.

I needed expert advice so I turned to myself and had a meeting and asked, why not review this?  Just tell it like it is….If it’s cuh-rap, it’s cuh-rap.  Ok, I said, and the meeting was over!


First off, let me just say this, the blade is sharp straight out of the package. Oh yes.

Can’t recall the first item I cut, but I was eye-bugging out impressed, so I cut and sliced a few other things and well I’ll be, this edge is legit!

I continued using this karambit fantasy knife primarily for grunt work.  Cutting boxes, paper, etc., but I did throw in an orange or two along the way to cut.

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There’s a couple of drawbacks to this pocket knife…..DON’T carry it in your pocket!!! See that big loop at the end?  Not only can you get to it quick, but so can everyone else grab your knife if they wanted to.  Yeah, not in your pocket, but possibly in the pocket of your backpack, or go bag would work.

I did actually clip the knife to my pocket, right side, but the next time I reached for the knife the blade had slid open a bit.  Yowzuh……better avoid placing this in my pocket.  So, it only saw 5 minutes of pocket time, and that was enough.  

Regarding the fit and finish, I’d score this karambit a 10 Steel Sahlutes! It’s uptight and outta sight. Lock up on the linerlock is right on.  No wobble.  Easily opened and closed with one hand – the right one.  

In summary, I’d score this folding knife an 8 Steel Sahlutes, and 2 points off a perfect 10 because you really can’t use it as an EDC IMO.  

Prices are in the $20.00 to $30.00 range and they have some cool stuff!


Thanks for reading!  

Here’s to

Steel Sahlute friends!