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GEC Tidioute Cutlery Boys 2 Blade Jack Knife (4)I’ll tell ya……….It’s a joy to carry and review American made quality!  By now, you know I’m a huge assisted open knife fan!  As a matter of fact the Kershaw Leek is what pushed me down the edge and back into knives a few years ago.

However, the more I handle and use these “traditional slip-joint” style knives the more I lean towards loving the simplicity.

Simple. Straight forward. Powerful. Elegant.  Sophisticated. Old-fashioned. Those words are what bounce around in my steel cage when using, or thinking about, this knife.


GEC Huckleberry Boys Knife #151213 STL Review 014



Great Eastern Cutlery  Tidioute #151213 STL
STL = Steel Bolsters & Liners
Ivory Smooth Bone
Clip Blade – 1095 carbon steel, 2 11/16” 
Pen Blade –
Made in USA

lot10.1.13 004


TripleF – Fit, Finish & Functionality:  9.5

Next glitch was cutting a Roma tomato.  Roma tomatoes are shaped like footballs kinda.  I went to cut one for a sammich, and the knife didn’t seem to bite…Come to find out these matters have some tuff skin.  :-0
Other than rubbin’ skin with these tomatoes this beaut cut like a straight edge razor!

Put together near perfection.  The pins on the handle are not uniform in their finish.  NOW, keep in mind…..I’m not a knife crafter so I don’t know if this is on purpose, but 2 pins are flush, one is sunk, and one is kinda raised above the smooth ivory bone handle flush line, if that makes any sense.

The jack knife has rock solid snap, and half-stops my buddy "Cutty" would be impressed with.  Actually, on the half-stop, I bent my thumbnail back a couple times.  Dang Nab It!

Sultry smooth bone handles in ivory color.  Take note….this knife is not made of “ivory”, rather bone that has the color of ivory.  Simple, but elegantly stunning!
lot10.1.13 001Great Eastern Boys Knife Ivory Bone

I’ve cut bacon, tomatoes, dozens of nylon zip ties, dozens and dozens of cigar caps, bread, and more with this Great Eastern Cutlery Tidioute Knife and outside of the tomatoes, she’s performed marvelously.

By the way, for sharpening, she rekindled her edge with a few strops on the leather!  No worries!


Accessibility: 9.0
As you know by now a perfect “10” in the Steel Sahlute Score Category of Accessibility depends on  if the knife can be “obtained and opened” with one hand only.  That’s my rules for perfection. 
With that said……opening this jack knife does require 2 hands.  Most of the time I carried it on my belt in a leather sheath.

The half-stops are cool, but present a certain “cautious respect for the left thumb nail” if ya know what I mean 😉


Value: 9.0
Craftsmanship.  It’s craftsmanship and quality you’re purchasing here. 
Are there cheaper knives?  Absolutely!
Are there better hand-crafted American made knives?  Eeeeeeeeyah, I don’t know……..

Collectible: 10.0
Just about everything that rolls of made-by-hand-assembly-line at Great Eastern Cutlery is collectible.  I don’t think we’ll see their full maximized collectability in our lifetimes as I think most slip joint knives will become a thing of days gone by as most American made products will disappear.

And, most everything produced at GEC is made in limited quantities!

Sharpening: 8.5
By the way, for sharpening, she rekindled her edge with a few strops on the leather and some polishing compound.  The beauty is she re-sharpens quite easily.  The curve ball is; I’ve had to re-touch the edge a few times since it arrived a little over 2 months ago.   Usually I don’t have to mess with the edge on a knife more than once within that time frame when it’s fresh from the factory.

So, the Boys Knife is easy to re-sharpen, but may need more attention than some others in your rotation.

This knife will add value to your collection ………AND……… to your life experience!


Steel Sahlute Final Score: 9.2



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